Breastfeeding stories

What a difference 12 years makes

12.5 years ago I had a beautiful baby girl. I wanted to breastfeed so I tried my hardest. For 4.5months we persevered with cracked nipples, top ups and allergies. After 5.5 months she was fully weaned into bottle feeding. I felt like I’d let her down, let myself down and there was very little support available besides my own mum.
My GP was next to useless and there was no Facebook or other online groups to turn to for help. The most advice I got was to try fenugreek (which was unbelievably hard to find) and drinking stout beer. It didn’t help. I was never comfortable and had to be happy with my best shot.
Fast forward to 1 year ago…. I was pregnant with my 2nd bub. I had an appointment with a midwife in a group midwife practice. She was not my usual midwife but it turned out she was a lactation specialist. After reading my history she asked how long I breastfed my first. I told her and was met with shock!
You see with my first I’d had retained products and underwent a d&c a week after birth. The meds alone after that should have dried up my milk but I should never have produced it in the first place due to the chemical imbalances!!
She was fully pro breastfeeding this new Bub and once our new baby girl was born I received a home visit from this particular midwife. She was amazed at how calm and settled I was this time around.
But this time I had more medical support. This time I had friends breastfeeding around me. This time I had wonderful groups like this to read questions and get answers – without even having to ask myself!!
Our little baby is 1 year old today and I’m proud to say – we are still boobing and may in fact have trouble weaning my boobie monster down the track!!

Oh and my eldest – she a very smart, beautiful, sporty young lady who shows me every day that boob &/or bottle – it makes no difference to who they essentially are 😍

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