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Powering through

I parent through breastfeeding, it’s very important for our family for many, many reasons. We breast-sleep, whenever my daughter cries I am there ready to boob, what ever the problem may be. I had a really rough time at the start of our breastfeeding journey through tongue and lip ties being incorrectly diagnosed, revisions, reattachments, postnatal depression and anxiety, with little to no support from friends, family and medical professionals I persevered because I know it’s the best thing for my baby. This is my first child. I wasn’t told to express colostrum before birth, so I went to the hospital empty handed and ill prepared.

Addison ‘needed’ formula when she was born as she wouldn’t latch correctly and had low blood sugars. I sought help from a public lactation consultant who threw a nipple shield my way. They told me to feed for 5 minutes each side, top up with formula, and then pump for 5 minutes each side. There was no reasoning as to why my baby wouldn’t latch.

I recognised her lip tie very early on, and saw an IBCLC, who put me on a pumping schedule of every 3 hours, ten minutes each side and we weaned off formula by 1 week. I pumped until my daughter was 10 weeks old and then I was able to wean from pumping.

My daughter is now 7 months old and has recently undergone her third (and last!!) tongue and lip tie revision. Afterward she wasn’t feeding properly and lost over 200g so I have been power pumping morning and night to help build my supply again. 

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