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Paulina Mace Breastfeeding story

I’m originally from Colombia where breastfeeding rates fall into the cracks as there, doctors only recommend mothers to breastfeed their babies until 6 months of ages and argue that beyond that, our milk is “useless” for our babies, and many doctors push mothers to stop breastfeeding after kids reach the 6 month mark.
I have been living in Australia for 9 years and I was very happy with the support mothers find in this county in regards of breastfeeding.
When I had my son 3 years ago (in Sydney) I found quiet a good support network and motivation to breastfeed him; and I got quiet obsessed to do so and I didn’t want to even contemplate a bottle in my son’s life.
I had my son in the Royal Hospital for Women Randwick and they informed us well about the benefits of breastfeeding and also through the Mother and baby clinics.
At the beginning, for about 6 weeks I really struggled with latching, pain, cracked nipples, too much supply, blood etc. I guess what every mother experiences at the beginning of this journey. My sister always told me to use my own milk to help heal my nipples and it worked wonders.
My breasts were healed after a good 6 weeks of trying but I’m happy to say I kept on fighting, I wasn’t keen to give up and I succeeded! I’m very proud of myself for that. I think it was my determination to make it work no matter what.
I fed my son Nicolas for 2 years until he didn’t want “goo” anymore. (as he used to call it).
I have to say I’m very lucky I never got negative comments for breastfeeding in public.
The only negative comments came from my mother that after 1 year she thought I was enough and it was too much that I was breastfeeding my 1 year old when doctors in Colombia only recommended it up to 6 months. I always told her: I’m sorry I don’t care what doctors there say. Doctors here and the World Health Organisation recommends it to at least 2 years. It really surprised me as she had no valid arguments and she fed my brother until he was 2. I still don’t understand why she was so opposed of me feeding Nicolas. I was also very sad that the person that supported me at the beginning (she traveled all the way from Colombia for my son’s birth) and who I thought was going to support me the most was my biggest opposition.

I had my daughter Amelia 4 1/2 months ago and she’s exclusively breastfeed like my son, and with her was so so much easier!!! I had a beautiful hospital team by my side who supported me after my c-section and placed my little girl on my chest to do the Brest crawl. She did a wonderful job and so I did! We both worked together with the midwife’s support and I only had a week of mild pain and now she’s growing beautifully!

I love breastfeeding and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!! I’m planning to feed my baby until she self-weans.

And that’s my story! A positive one for the most part! 😉

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