Breastfeeding stories

our story

At the age of 18 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and told that I had a very slim chance of of falling pregnant, after the procedure I had if I did I was at high risk of miscarriage and or premature labour but I knew I wanted to be a mummy. After 7 years of trying and holding onto that slim hope we had given up and decided that we were going to look into adoption then on Christmas Eve we found out that we were going to have a baby! We were very excited and scared given the risks. Our pregnancy was normal and bub was thriving! At 39 weeks my waters broke and I was induced the next day after a long labour and multiple complications he finally arrived they popped him on my chest and 4 minutes later he was feeding from the boob! Best feeling in the world!  As time went on bub was fussy at the boob arching his back, crying, slipping off and dribbling milk I explained this to my health nurse and she said he had reflux and to try formular, unhappy with her answer I pushed through and kept going feeding every half hour, sore and bleeding nipples telling myself I HAVE to make it to 6 months I’m not giving in.  I then did a little research and checked him for lip and tongue tie and noticed he couldn’t poke his tounge out so I booked in with a lactation consultant who confirmed and booked him in to have it fixed at 6 weeks he had it corrected and immediately fed like a pro 6 months on he is still going strong with no plan to stop yet I love it and it’s our own special bonding time

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