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Never give up on a bad day

I would like to share my story with you all as I have noticed over the past few weeks some mummas experiencing similar issue (low weight gain, issues with charts and being advised to give formula). 

Currently my bubs is 20 weeks and was born my ECS at 39 weeks. I had a very traumatic birth and labour and did not recover well. We had a rough time from the start. He would not latch at all. Colostrum was given via syringe. When my milk came in he was able to latch using shields and i left feeling relatively confident

We got home and it all started to unravel. Blood started to appear in the nipple shield. I had to stop bf again and hand express and finger feed. My engorgement settled and bubs began to cluster feed. Like many new mums I fell into the top up.trap with formula. I saught advice immediately from the hospital lc who told me “continue to give formula top ups until baby doesn’t seem hungry “. Despite her advice I attempted to wean formula. I never wanted him on it

This went well until bubs hit the leap at week 5. He began to cluster feed again and developed a bottle preference. He went on a boob strike!! I had to exclusively express for several weeks and top up with formula again!!

At 7 weeks we went to a clinic to establish breastfeeding exclusively despite my pediatricians advise my baby would “always need formula “. It worked for the first week but by the end of the second week he had damaged my nipple so bad it was weeping pus

At this point I was getting desperate and decided to have his tie snipped. With the help of breast shells antibiotics the infection and wound cleared. It took 5 weeks

BUT despite us establishing ebf his weight gain was woeful. He was gaining about 30g average per week. At the start of March cafhs nurse sent us to pediatric emergency as he had dropped from the 50th to the 10th percentile

The hospital ran tests which came back as no cause to the poor weight gain and said my supply was low and he needed formula top ups. I refused. They said i guess you could try ebm top ups. But it had to be 50ml each feed.

So i discharged AMA and sourced donor milk whilst I pumped furiously. It worked as he gained 350g that week

Fast forward to now and he has seen our new pediatrician who is thrilled with our progress. He has gone back to 50th percentile and is smashing milestones. We have dropped the

I’m also able to express several hundred ml per day ontop of feeds depending on how much I pump. And have a stash building. I hope in future to donate to other babies in need as others came to our aid. Not bad for someone with “low supply”

So i believe informed is best. It’s important that professionals are educated. I am sure with better education of new mums and professionals alike our journey would have been much smoother

Next milestone will be meeting the WHO minimum of 6 months!!

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