My second try!

My story began on the 8th of December 2016 when i gave birth to my beautiful second daughter, weighing 1.98kg (4.6lbs) she was 37 week and 1 day, i was brought on due to the fact she had stopped growing at 30 weeks and 5 days. Right from day 1 i had issues with feeding, she had no intention to suck feed so in went the tube and then began my pumping journey. At first i was so upset with how little i got but by the second pump i was upto 10 mls (woo lots i know) at this stage we were supplimenting with formula due to low blood surgars. By day 3 we were fully on breast milk as i had way enough (was getting over 250mls from each boob ) and her surgars had stabolized. At 2 weeks we were doing 2 suvk feeds to 1 tube feed and by 3 weeks i was home and fully breast feeding yay! By then i was sooo sore it hurt like crazy but i so determind to do it this time (made it to 5 weeks with my first it hurt so so much ) . Before i knew it 12 weeks had been and gone and and i was still in pain all the time, my local home care nurse kept saying oh its fine shes fine great latch but i went for a second opinion and suddenly all at once it all made sense, Yeap tounge tie! 4 month almost 5 months by this stage and due to this my supply had droped ALOT! At this stage i was determind to give up, i felt like a cow with a baby stuck to my boob all day (loved my stretchy wrap baby in boobie out hands free) but my little miss had other plans, there was no way she was giving it up! So back to the doctors to see what i could to about my supply issues, thats when i met my new best friend mortilium ! With in 2 weeks i was full again by the second month i had to lower my dose as i was rock hard, But was full and back to been settled ! We are now at 8 months and im so proud of how much i pushed through !

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