Breastfeeding stories

My Breastfeeding story

My Breastfeeding journey has been pretty easy so far.

I was very lucky to have a baby with no ties, no latching or sucking issues and aside from initial pain/discomfort while my nipples got used to it all, no problems.

I enjoyed our breastfeeding relationship and the bond we shared. I loved looking down at his little face as he fed from me, his hand slowly uncurling and relaxing.

I loved seeing him fall off, milk drunk with a dribble still coming out of the corner of his mouth.

I loved when he got a bit older and would look up at me and smile with my breast in his mouth, as if to say thank you.

Then I got pregnant again, and while I was excited, I was also sad that our breastfeeding journey might end. I wasn’t ready, and I knew he wasn’t.

When I found out about tandem feeding, I really hoped we could do it. I researched and found out some babies will happily dry nurse throughout the pregnancy once the milk dries up.

He lost interest as soon as my colostrum came in, not long after his first birthday, when I was 7 months pregnant. I was upset, but looked at it as a chance to give them a rest, and hoped that once my milk came back, he might be interested again.

As it turned out, he was. I offered him the breast, and he was shy, i reassured him there was milk, and he latched, easily as ever. I was so glad he remembered how, after 2 months break. And he was so happy when he realised it was milk, haha.

I feed them both now, when they need it, sometimes together, sometimes separately, but always when they want it.

My eldest has slowed down, he will feed maybe 3 times a day, some days only once, we go with what he needs.

My only goal in starting out breastfeeding was to do it, for as long as I could.

When I realise what I’ve achieved in feeding to toddlerhood, feeding through pregnancy, tandem feeding and just still doing it, almost two years later, I’m very proud, very grateful for my good fortune in having the right information, good resources and alot of support.

I love that this project might help other women see breastfeeding as normal, nothing to be ashamed of or hidden. I love that I’m being given the opportunity to be part of something that might just be what one more mum needs to keep going.



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