Breastfeeding stories

Michelle Lee’s Journey

I’m Michelle,
22 years of age with 2 adorable children.
My breastfeeding journey started in 2013 on the 14th of JUNE when I had my first child Isabella,
I don’t and will never get to have a Joyful Pregnancy, But Ive accepted it and I can only be grateful that i have my children with me today as they fought just as hard as i did to get them here.
Because of all the events that happened with my first child i developed Post Natal Depression and quickly decided to give up breastfeeding my daughter when she was 2.5months to work on myself. I instantly regretted it and told myself that i will work harder with my next child.
My second Breastfeeding Journey started again in 2015 on the 15th JULY when I had my second child Mae,
I told myself i want to do this for the long run and to my surprise it was so much easier than what I had experienced with Isabella, there was no cracked or bleeding nipples, I only had slight discomfort for the first five days and that was it, I believe that because I had all the works with Isabella and knew NOTHING about Breastfeeding! I knew what to avoid with Mae.
I knew how to latch properly, I knew what a letdown was, I knew what it meant when it hurt!
I’m proud to say We have been successfully Breastfeeding for 5months and I Love It.



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