Breastfeeding stories

Melissa & Lexi’s Story

My breastfeeding journey began on 26/6/2015, an hour after my little girl came into the world. I had an emergency c-section and was unable to feed her until I was in recovery. That first latch was a complete blur to me, but I remember thinking how beautiful it was and how I was determined I was going to give her my best. I was in hospital for 5 days following her birth, on day 3 I was told that she had lost over 10% of her birth weight and I needed to start hand expressing colostrum for top ups as my milk hadn’t come in yet. I was really bad at hand expressing (and still am!) so I had midwives doing it for me, but by this point I was willing to try anything to keep feeding her this liquid gold I had read so much about. Day 4 came and she had lost more weight and I was told that we may need to do formula top ups, and that we needed to stay another night to make sure she was gaining weight before we could leave. I got hardly any sleep in the hospital in those 5 days, I just wanted to bring my baby home and being my stubborn self, I was determined to breastfeed no matter what. I woke up after an hours sleep on the 5th day and my boobs were hot and heavy! My milk was finally in! I thought we were in for a clear run from there, oh how wrong I was. After a week of latching issues my nipples were cracked, bleeding and were nearly falling off. The midwife who came out said they were one of the worst cases she had seen. Every feed I would brave myself and dread the latch with tears of pain rolling down my face before she was even on. I would continue to cry for the entire feed. I thought this was where our journey was going to end, but I went to see an LC who advised me to use nipple shields until I was healed. The first feed with a shield on was absolute relief, although the pain was still there it was dull in comparison to what the last few days had been. I continued using the shields for 5 weeks and was finally healed and able to attempt out first feed without them. This is where we were extremely lucky, as she latched perfectly first shot after removing them and we never looked back! We are so lucky to have overcome all the obstacles thrown at us and continue our journey, I believe my stubborness to peservere played a major part in where we are today.

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