Breastfeeding stories

Melanie’s Story

My breastfeeding journey began in November 2012 when my first daughter was born. I had planned to breastfeed and learnt as much as I could while pregnant, including attending a breastfeeding education class run by my local ABA group, which I found invaluable. I was lucky and had a super easy time breastfeeding with my first.

I fed her until she was 21 months old. I weaned her when I was 11 weeks pregnant with my second as I couldn’t stand the pain and aversion while feeding any longer.

I expected my second time to go easily too and was surprised when it didn’t. I had long labours ending in c section deliveries with both my daughters. When my second was born in 2015 I had a lot of trouble feeding her. She wouldn’t latch properly for the first few days and I ended up syringe feeding her a few times.

I struggled emotionally. I kept thinking that because I had fed my first so long, and because I was a trainee bf counsellor I should know how to breastfeed, it shouldn’t be this hard.

We managed to get the hang of latching before we were discharged from hospital, but it still wasn’t a great latch and she was very fussy and refluxy.

At six weeks pp she was diagnosed with a tongue tie, which we quickly had snipped. It was also suggested by an awesome IBCLC that we do an elimination diet. We eliminated dairy and soy, then before long we also eliminated gluten, eggs and nuts. Her reflux improved dramatically and with the tongue tie snipped we also finally got the hang of latching properly.

We saw an allergy specialist who diagnosed her with a non IgE allergy to dairy, wheat and soy. It was a relief to introduce eggs and nuts back into my diet.

Her sleeping slowly improved, and whilst she woke every hour or two for the first eight months of life, she now often only wakes once or twice a night.

My second is now almost twelve months and while our journey has at times been a stressful and difficult one, we now breastfeed with ease. I hope to let her self wean and I hope our journey continues for many more months.

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