Breastfeeding stories

Liz’s Story

I had my first baby as a teenager. I was naive and listened to everyone who told me bottles would be easier. I ended our breastfeeding journey at 4 weeks. A decision I now know, wasn’t the best. But I’m a firm believer in we can only do the best we can with the knowledge we have at the time, so I have no regrets.
Fast forward 7 years to baby number 2. I armed myself with all the information I could find, and surrounded myself with supportive people. My husband is my cheer squad. Changing all the nappies, feeding me, making sure I’m comfortable and bringing me snacks and drinks. It has brought out the best in him and I’ll be forever thankful! It hasn’t all been easy, those first few weeks where excruciatingly painful and he’s a fussy boy. But together we’ve made it 6 months! I haven’t set an end date, but I’d love to be able to continue feeding until he self weans.
Thank you Sarah for the opportunity to be involved in such a lovely project. Standing on that beach with all those other mummas, I felt so supported and strong.

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