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Jessica-faye’s Story




My name is Jessica-faye

I am 32 and a mother of two beautiful girls, I am also blessed with a loving supportive husband. This is my first breastfeeding journey as misinformation, doubt and lack of confidence lead me to formula feed my first born daughter Charnae (9 yrs).

When I found out I was pregnant I decided to breastfeed straight away and my husband was unsure but said give it a go. So I read information and asked advice and began to get ready for the birth of our second baby girl.

The day came for my C-section (because of a bicornuate uterus and baby was breech) and I was excited and scared at the same time. After delivery they had to take her away because she had a low temperature but was otherwise a healthy beautiful girl, who we named Anastasia. Later once her temperature was stable she was brought in for her first feed. I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect, the midwife helped me latch this tiny squirming bundle to my breast, wow it hurt and it took a couple of attempts but she was getting something. I asked if it was supposed to hurt and they would check her latch and say nothing was wrong and to keep going.

On the third day after Ana was born I developed symptoms of a dural tap and this meant severe head aches and dizziness, which meant I could not sit or stand up, then came the vomiting. That very same night I experienced a blocked duct, the pain and swelling was very intense and I spent an hour in the shower crying and trying to ease the pressure.Once my milk came in it took a couple of days of feeding from that breast first to clear the blockage but then it seemed to calm down. Ana and I began developing a rhythm and the nurses that come to check on you were very happy with her growth and weight gain. Feeding started to become easier.

Then I began to get itchy nipples/breasts and a shooting pain when Ana would latch to the breast, then she would pull away screaming. I noticed inside her mouth was a little white and got us an appointment with the doctor who tried to tell me it was mastitis and not nipple thrush, I went home not happy that i was not listened to and did as the doctor had instructed and this only made the pain worse, now i dreaded every feed. I would cry because I knew it was going to hurt but she needed to be fed, I began thinking I couldn’t go on and maybe I should give up. But I went back to another doctor and he agreed with me, that it was nipple thrush and we began treatment right away. I can tell you the relief was instant and our journey began to get better.

While online one day I was reading about tongue and lip ties and how they can cause pain while feeding so when Charnae went to the dentist I asked him if he could take a look at Ana for me, he confirmed she has an upper lip tie which was causing the bit of pain. Knowing that if there was pain at the beginning of a feed I would take her off and re latch her until she could suck without it feeling like my nipple might come off. She could get very cranky but when she was finally getting some milk and being left alone she would look at me with big blue eyes that seemed to say thank you mummy for sticking with this for me.

Today Anastasia is almost 10 months old and still a big boobie monster, I love the bond we share and the quiet moments. If it wasn’t for the support from the Australian breastfeeding project Facebook page and the support from my family and friends I would not still be nourishing my child. Each feed is a blessing and I am so very proud of myself for persevering past all the difficulties to now enjoy the natural, loving and bonding experience that is breastfeeding.

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