Breastfeeding stories

Jess and Addison’s Breastfeeding Journey


I always knew I wanted to be able to breastfeed my children, but as cliche as it sounds I never knew how  much I would love and value it. No it wasn’t an easy journey for Addison and I, but it certainly could have been worse. After an AMAZING birth experience Addi latched on and fed well, we were given our time together to bond skin to skin and it was wonderful. The few days that followed I began to experience pain when feeding, so much so it got to a point where I would have to grit my teeth as she latched and this pain only subsided after she had been at the breast for a while. Turned out at one of my follow up appointments with my midwife that she wasn’t latching deeply enough and I had developed holes in my nipple from her gums rubbing on them. A couple of people I spoke to suggested getting Addi assessed for ties and I sought help from a lactation consultant with who we did our Hypnobirthing course with. She said she believed Addison did have a tongue and lip tie but that there was an “epidemic” of diagnosis and that we should try to “fix” the problem with latching techniques first. It did get better, but after I developed mastitis twice, the second of which resulted in the development of an abscess that required draining, I sought another opinion. The IBCLC we saw specialised in Tongue and Lip Tie diagnosis and she confirmed the presence of a posterior tongue tie and a lip tie and referred us to a specialist to get these revised/released. I hesitated at this decision as I was no longer suffering any pain when feeding Addison, I think as she grew she was able to latch better, however the other benefits that revision could provide for her down the track helped us to decide to go ahead with the procedure. Addison had her revision done on 21st October 2015 and since then I have seen improvements. She has started solids, feeds well, I haven’t suffered any more occurrences of mastitis, started making new noises straight away and loves poking her tongue out.

Our breastfeeding relationship is going along very well. The look she gives me when she looks up at me while feeding just melts my heart (even in the ridiculous hours of the morning when Im stuck in the rocker trying to put her back to sleep). I feel lucky to have been able to find the support we needed to ensure I could do this for Addison (and myself), providing her with the best start possible and to hopefully continue to do so until she no longer feels she needs it.

That I have been able to capture these special moments between Addison and I forever with this amazing Project is a blessing, and something that I will treasure (and I am sure Addison will when she is old enough to understand) for the rest of our lives.

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