Breastfeeding stories

Jasmin and Gabriel’s Story

Hi everyone, my name is Jasmin and I’m 23 years old. I fell pregnant with my son Gabriel just 3 months after giving birth to my first son. The pregnancy was rough and exhausting due to having low iron levels so needless to say I was relieved when my little man was born 2 days early. After failing to breastfeed my first longer than 4 weeks due to undiagnosed lip and tongue ties I was determined to do better this time around. The initial latch felt perfect and I was feeling happy and confident that we could do it. 2 days in my nipples were bleeding, blistered and cracked. I dreaded feeding my baby. Every feed I clenched my teeth and held back the tears. When a friend suggested it could be a tie I had a Google, looking at pictures, reading symptoms and it was Gabriel to a tee! At 6 days old he had his anterior tongue tie revised. The relief I felt was instant even though my nipples were still very damaged. After about 2 weeks I was feeding my baby pain free!! He still had quite a shallow latch and would only feed for 2-3 mins before arching his back, screaming, pushing the breast away every single feed. I cried because I didn’t have magical boobies that calmed my baby or put him to sleep. I wondered what I was doing wrong. I yelled that I have had enough, that I was going to get formula. Despite all of this, I kept pushing on. Then finally!! I had answers. My little man is allergic to dairy. He always had a horrible rash, silent reflux, didn’t sleep, screamed all day long etc.. I was told by my doctor to put him onto a prescription formula but I decided I was going to cut the dairy and soy from my diet to continue giving my baby breastmilk. Within 2 weeks his skin was clearing, his countless other symptoms were subsiding and I had a happy smiling baby. It took a couple months for him to stop associating boobie with his belly pains. 😔 he’s now 6 months old, it still isn’t perfect but every feed he thanks me for all my hard work with his beautiful eyes and his perfect smiles. I wouldn’t have it any other way. So many times I was told to give up and to formula feed. When he wouldn’t sleep through the night, I was told he was hungry, he needed formula top ups and solids. I persisted. I believed in myself and my body and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I even express milk for my now 18 month old to have in his bedtime bottles. I guess the point of sharing this story is to say don’t give up. You can do it. Our bodies were designed for this. Keep calm and latch on. Never give up on a bad day.

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