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Hardest but most rewarding experience

I had my first daughter in 2015 & attempted BF’ing but due to being ill informed, I didn’t make it past a few weeks. I didn’t know about IBCLC’s, bad latches, tongue ties, etc. I thought it was just a matter of placing baby on the breast and WALLAH – they would feed.

My second child was born in Oct 17 and this time around I had my heart & soul in succeeding. When he was born, he latched instantly! I was ecstatic! He fed constantly, and amazed the midwives. We left the hospital and he continued to feed well (or so I thought). Day 8, I woke to feed him and he wouldn’t wake. He was extremely sleepy. We took him to the emergency department, where I expressed & we force fed him. They said he examined well & sent us home. 10 hours later we were back, as he wasn’t waking for feeds again. We ended up spending two nights in the hospital, the first 24 hours he was fed by a tube with EBM & formula. The next 24 hours via a bottle. We were on a strict 3hourly feeding plan which meant I was pumping every 2 hours to try and keep up. I had a couple of nurses question whether I really wanted to continue to try & BF. It was disheartening & I already felt like I was starting to fail my child. 

As soon as we left, I saw the LC’s at the hospital I had birthed at. They never checked his mouth, told me he fed well.. to keep with the 3 hourly plan & ofF we went. I knew that couldn’t be right. 

That day I made an apt with an IBCLC, where we found I was latching him incorrectly & that he also had quite tight tongue and lip ties. We stuck with the 3 hourly plan initially, using EBM & formula (I don’t seem to respond well to pumps). I also saw my GP for motulin to help increase my supply.

A few days later we had his tongue and lip ties released, and his latch improved ten fold. He was 3 weeks by then and this is when we started to slowly improve. We continuously BF and using EBM/formula top ups, however they slowly decreased in amounts as the days went on. I wanted to give up so many times as I was tired & exhausted but I pushed on, remembering how badly I wanted this for my child. 

At 7 weeks old, we went our first 24 hours without any top ups at all & I felt on top Of the world! We have been exclusively breast fed ever since! He’s now 13 weeks & feeds like a super star! 

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