Breastfeeding stories

Determined mumma

I was told to stop feeding my daughter when she was just 4months old. Midwives said she might need top ups and ppl around me said 4 months is good enough. I was young unsure and not a confident feeder in public so I stopped.

I had my son 3 years later and he was jaundice and needed to be in special care. Our feeds would drag out over 1hr and the nurses saw we struggled (I was hurting down there big time too so sitting was painful) also I had blisters on both breasts. After about 3 sleepless nights n days with 3hrly feeds even if I just finished 2hrs ago I’d be due back. I expressed and fed n expressed n fed some of the nurses made me feel so stupid for not getting the latch right when it looked right they even topped Bub up with formula without my consent.
Later on after home I developed mastitis twice and could barely move I even almost got admitted to hospital due to it as well as extremely low blood pressure.
I did some research after a nurse mentioned his tongue looked tied. Sure enough it was 75% tied! No wonder it hurt me so much!
At his 6week check up the scales where out by around 2KG! And the nurse gave me formula samples as he was under weight HE WASNT and after a little mum guilt cry thinking she was right I came to my senses knowing she was wrong and kept going.

I fell pregnant when Bub was 8 months old continued to feed although drs told me to stop as he can have formula and the baby needs the milk. So many people told me I shouldn’t feed both and that the baby needs it.

Well that baby was born at 41weeks 9lb 9oz and has put on double the normal weight each week even with a tongue tie and I’m still feeding my 1st son too!

Drs need the right info parents need the right guidance and encouragement. If it wasn’t for my LC Amanda Pauly I don’t think I would have continued feeding so long and I’m glad I’m still feeding. I’d love to study midwifery and become a midwife to help and encourage other mothers. imageimage

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