Breastfeeding women deserve to celebrate!

Way too often women are told to feed in private and hide away! If they post about their breastfeeding achievements they are putting down others. They get photos to celebrate, they are told they are shoving it in everyone’s faces and shaming those who don’t breast feed. Breastfeeding is hard and we deserve to celebrate it without being made to feel guilty about our accomplishments.
Think about it, how often would this happen when others post their achievements?? I only see encouragement.

Post a before and after photo of weight loss, and you get congratulations, compliments and questions of how you did it. Not once does someone comment to stop shaming those who can’t loose weight!
Post about your new amazing job offer, you get congratulated, people are excited for you! Not once do they tell you to stop rubbing it in the faces of those who will earn less or can’t get a job.
Purchased your first house? Wow congratulations, that’s amazing! Not once will you be told to stop bragging and told that you shouldn’t celebrate your achievement!
Post a photo of you breastfeeding and all of a sudden your doing it for attention, only to shame those who can’t.

Breastfeeding is natural, normal, beautiful, and empowering. It deserves to be celebrated, we deserve to be able to celebrate!!

We will continue to post photos and together we will ‘Feed the Change!’
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