5,000 likes Giveaway!!

To celebrate our Facebook page hitting 5,000 likes we have teamed up with some amazing vendors to giveaway some awesome prizes!!!!
How does it work? With each like you gain a new entry. At the end winners are randomly chosen so the more entries the better your chance of winning. Then the 1st place winner gets to chose any prize they want, 2nd gets to choose prom what is left etc, we continue until all the prizes are gone.

There will be 25 winners!!!! Read the rules for more information.

Make sure you like or follow all the businesses and support small businesses.
Oh and SHARE SHARE SHARE. It will get you more points!

Check out the prizes tab but here is a sneak peek
001 collage (1)

Winners are:
1. Letisha Clark
2.Kellie Davies
3.Gabriel Heffernan
4. Karen Beaver
5. Brooke Clement
6. Tovey Alchin
7.Skye Wayte
8.Sigrid Pearsall
9. Cassie Dunbar
10.Belinda Barnes
11.Jessie Williams
12.Krystal Larden
13.Katy Nudelman
14.Samantha Sonneveld
15.Kayleigh Paschall
16.Ashley Mitcham
17.Erin Johnston
18.Emily Scott
19.demelza lobb
20.Sara Stankoski
21.Jodie Pozzan
22.Ellen Grounds
23.Schayne George
24.Susannah Birch
25.Leanne Hodges
26.Kelly McCoy
27.Janine Hall
28.Kathryn Exton

Now how this works is #1 gets to choose any prize, #2 gets to choose from any of the prizes left and we will go down until we get to the bottom. Now I need you to contact me if you can through the facebook page www.facebook.com/australianbreastfeedingproject

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