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Monthly Archives: October 2016

2017 ABP Calander

As 2017 starts to close in fast I have decided that we need a calendar of group photo’s, as voted by you! Voting will close on November the 1st. The top twelve photo’s will be included in next years calendar. You can choose up to twelve images in your selection. All money raised from these…

Apply to become a photographer for the ABP

Wow.. how exciting you are wanting to join our amazing team at the ABP! We are currently looking for photographers all over Australia who are passionate about breastfeeding and empowering women! This is going to be a very strict application process because this project is like my baby. I am calling for someone who’s ability…

Adult with a tongue tie and what I wish I knew

Running a large breastfeeding support group tongue ties obviously, come up a lot. I have heard of hundreds of babies being misdiagnosed and others given countless wrong information, some of this being if it doesn’t affect feeding you don’t need to do anything about it, this is wrong!  I think where this comes from is…

Determined mumma

I was told to stop feeding my daughter when she was just 4months old. Midwives said she might need top ups and ppl around me said 4 months is good enough. I was young unsure and not a confident feeder in public so I stopped. I had my son 3 years later and he was…

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