Breastfeeding stories

Monthly Archives: August 2016

We did it!!

I come from a long line of formula feeders. My grandma formula fed because “my breasts were too small”. My Mum formula fed because “breastfeeding hurt me”. My sister formula fed because “I didn’t have any milk”. I knew from the moment I saw those two pink lines that my baby would be a booby…

Our tandem feeding journey so far..

When I was pregnant with my first I was determined to have natural birth, no pain relief and breastfeed straight away. Well after our 4 days of induction which ended in a c-sec and my OB/MW giving me every drug possible I felt like I had failed but I was determined that breastfeeding would happen….

What a difference 12 years makes

12.5 years ago I had a beautiful baby girl. I wanted to breastfeed so I tried my hardest. For 4.5months we persevered with cracked nipples, top ups and allergies. After 5.5 months she was fully weaned into bottle feeding. I felt like I’d let her down, let myself down and there was very little support…

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